Giles Revell
Projects Great Western Pictorial Timetable

Great Western Pictorial Timetable: In collaboration with Pentagram this extensive project celebrates Brunel’s historic Great Western Railway.

The two thousand km network was photographed from the perspective of both the passenger and the driver on all the mainline routes. It is a body of work concerned with the journey rather than the destination capturing every stage of the route from images of back gardens, warehouses, trailer parks, and livestock as well as the rolling picturesque west country landscape. It is a unique pictorial timetable of the network shot from the same chosen standardised viewpoint on the same lens. Each route and train was planned from the timetable, with the time and location of each image logged. It is a comprehensive collection of thousands of images that record the railway at a point in time when it is going through its biggest transformation in the last 50 years.

The very first stage of the project is the amalgamation of the work as a photographic book of imagery as an archive. Animations of the work are also being prepared for the second phase of the project.